Monday, July 20, 2009

Big Battle DBA

Sorry I have been too busy to post lately, with the father and brother-in-laws helping with home repair the last couple of weeks. Man, has their help been valuable. Anyway, Stephen has had some friends wanting to play a game so we tried a game of BBDBA. It was a Carthaginian army versus a Republican Roman. The rolling hills of Italy provided the scene for a battle. Sam was a Roman on my left and Jake was on my right, while Colleen was on the Carthage right and Stephen took the Carthage left. Bad pip rolls really slowed the Carthaginian attack, so the Romans took the offensive. Jake did well against the four elephants and large cavalry wing. and Sam held his own against the light horse wing opposite him. The Roman center was threatened by some fierce warbands, but held after seeing the success on the wings. Thanx guys for a great game!

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